The lab enhance class room teaching by stimulating students to understand the unpredictability and complexity of science. We have excellent labs with all facilities in Marya Nivas. Separate rooms are allotted for each lab. The basic facilities for the labs such as water, equipments and other resources are available as required. Cleanliness is maintained regularly for the welfare and comfort of the children.

Lab wages

Medical requirements are available at the office and proper care will be taken whenever needed for the students. First aid box is available at all time in the school administration office. Transport is available to transfer the student to hospital if needed. Frequently medical checkup is done by well qualified hospital.


“The place where we can see the whole world at once.” Our library has plenty of books, where students have the opportunity to pursue independent study. As the library contains infinite books we have lot to say about our library. We encourage the students to gift a book a year at the time of their birthday to stimulate the habit of giving.


The school has classes from I to XII. The class rooms are clean and spacious. We provide peaceful environment for the young minds to carry out their learning adventure without disturbance. We prepare students for the X, XI and XII examinations. We have an impressive assembly hall where the whole school meets for prayer and meetings.


The school provides the transport facilities on the main routes.

Sports Facilities

The sports program is an integral part of the curriculum. Physical education is incorporated in to all aspects of student life. Participation in sports not only promotes the Marya Nivas students intellectual; physical well being develops self esteem, leadership skills and team building. Each academic in our sports meet, a cup is provided for the winners based on overall points of the group and winners of each event are encouraged by giving certificate and cup.